We are a Transport & Import-Export Company

With 12 years experience handling exports of food, We have gained professional knowledge, skills and confidence to provide the highest quality food, directly from the growers at competitive prices. Our supplier/producer/growers are widely distributed over the country and are certified by NAEB.

We offer a wide range of varieties of foods, comprising sorghum, millet, peanuts, beans & soya. We provide you with a quick and accurate worldwide transport, including from farms to packing houses and further to distribution sites and your appointed port of destination.

We have established a close and reliable relationship with Rwandan growers and food processors, which enables us to provide high quality products to meet your specific needs. We listen to your needs, understand your concerns and communicate regarding any issues that may arise.

For any inquiries, please contact us at: info@sotriex.com or WhatsAap (+250) 788 305 054

Certifications & Registrations